digital marketing strategyMore often than not, just like a business plan, a digital marketing strategy is nothing more than a paperweight. A big, fat, heavy paperweight. It looks great to look at. It’s very rewarding to know it’s done. However it usually just sits there… on top of, or underneath, a whole lot of other papers.

Having one of those digital marketing strategy paperweights is almost like having no strategy at all. Except for the nice feeling you have “knowing” that you do have one made.

So many businesses start off with great ideas. Amazing ideas, even. The enthusiastic founder may spend weeks upon weeks writing an elaborate business plan. Full of graphs and pie charts, statistics and figures – it’s nothing short of an inspirational read. However, as we all know, when the business gets going the pressures of the “urgent” day-to-day tasks take over, they dig that business plan deeper and deeper into filing cabinet darkness.

So, some smart guy (or gal) came up with the idea of The One Page Business Plan. The idea is simple. It’s got the core information. It fits on one page. You print it out and keep it pinned up near your desk, and you refer to it often.

It’s short, easy, simple and it works.

So, with that, we’ve created The One Page Digital Marketing Strategy Template.

The One Page Digital Marketing Strategy Template

It’s quick to fill in, easy to follow, and it works.

One Page Digital Marketing Strategy Template