When your users are looking around to see which product to buy online, once they find it and the price is right, the next thing they look for is – how much does shipping cost? Well, how about nothing! It’s a simple, sure-fire way to win over more customers from potentials to buyers.

This is a really simple eCommerce strategy that you can implement with your eCommerce Solution in almost no time at all.

Method A) Include shipping in the price of the products themselves

This method of offering free shipping works really great when;

  • The products are relatively inexpensive to ship
  • OR You have a harder-to-find, more unique type of product online
  • OR You are selling high-margin products

If you can crunch the numbers and make it work profitably, this is the ‘ideal’ shipping promotion method.

You would consider this method if your goal is to win more customers, faster. Once they’ve become a first time customer, using a little bit of extra effort and some Email Marketing, you can woo them back for more.

Method B) Free shipping when ordering over $xx

The next method is to give free shipping after you’ve made $xx on that order. If you your goal is to up sell more products per order, this is a strategy that has proven popular and effective.

You would consider this method if you want to encourage up sells. You’d be surprised how many people will just go ahead and add an extra product to their cart to qualify for that free shipping.