According to research conducted by Sikich and published via their infographic, consumers who received email marketing tend to spend 83% more when shopping. And for businesses, the return on their investment (ROI) is equal to $44.25 for every dollar spent. Furthermore, the research showed that customers who receive email marketing orders 44% more goods with a frequency of 28% more. Thus, 70% of digital marketers consider email marketing as the key tool for ROI.

You may think that with the popularity of social media marketing there will be no room for email marketing anymore. You are completely wrong! Next to search engines, a lot of people still consider email marketing as one of the major traffic source for online stores. This is because as technology is continually developing, people still use their email everyday for business and personal use.

Here are five of the reasons why until today email marketing is still effective:

1. Affordability — There are a lot of email software that offers free trial for limited time and resources. If you have to pay, payment options are very flexible. You can either pay on a monthly basis or annually.

2. Functionality — It is easy to use for so many different functions like Sales, Providing Information, Building Customer Relationship, Driving Traffic, Building your Brand, Researching your Market, Customer Service, and Develop Loyalty.

3. Efficiency — Customer responses from email marketing is almost always fast and efficient. Responses could either be an engagement with the email or it could be an actual purchase. And all these responses could easily be tracked for an efficient monitoring of your marketing statistics.

4. Personalised — It is easier to incorporate personal touches into your email campaign. And consumers tend to respond to something that makes them feel important and that’s what you can give them if you personalise your email according to the information you have gathered from your customers.

5. Monitoring — Tracking the results and response on your email marketing is made easier with the different analytical tools provided by the email software. This can help you measure the success of your campaign.