Email marketing has proved itself to be one of the most effective sources of traffic and ROI among the many different marketing campaigns. However, it will only work as it should only if your email is opened and does not end up in the virtual trash can.

Here are 10 ways that you can boost your open rate:

1. Create proper segment for your subscribers

            Create different segments of various customer personalities and make sure that you send them messages according to their needs and wants as a consumer. Your customer is most likely to open your email message if it is something that they can relate to.

2. Impress with a killer subject line

            Most people open their email based on the subject line. Creating a subject line that would impact your subscribers is the best way to convince them to open your email. Experiment on different types of writing a subject line and find out which one works best for your audience. But generally, avoid spam words like Free and Help. Also, keep your subject line within 50 characters or even less.

3. Set your audience’s expectations

            Do not surprise your customers with emails that they did not expect coming. Prior to your scheduled emails, inform your customers first what kind of email messages they will be getting from you and how often you will be sending them.

4. Early call-to-action

            Subtlety put a call-to-action at the earlier portion of the email. Make it subtle but compelling. Place it where they can see it the minute they open the email.

5. Personalise

            According to Sikich, a personalised email can improve your click-through rate by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. The best way to personalise your email is by using your customer’s name on the subject line and on the greeting.

6. Send your email campaign from a real person

            Do not make your customers feel like they are getting an automated email. Avoid using email addresses like; it can easily turn your customer off. Use an email recipient that your customers can reply to.

7. Strike your audience with your pre-header

            Give your customers a sneak peek to what is in store for them if they open their email. Make it as interesting and intriguing as possible that they can’t help themselves but open it up.

8. Make your email mobile friendly

            Create an email that can be opened in both a computer browser as well as on a mobile phone. A good number of people are checking their emails on their mobile and smartphones.

9. Give your subscribers an option

            At the end of your email, provide an option for your customers to either opt-in or out from your list; as well as how often they can receive email messages from you and what kind of content. Often when customers receive unacceptable amount of emails, they automatically unsubscribe from your database.

10. Test, monitor and analyse

            Test. monitor and analyse how your audience behaves and responds to your email campaign. Keep an eye on the usual time the majority of your clients open their emails; the links that they usually click; and most importantly the things that they are interested in. This will help you improve your campaign and make it successful.