Social media marketing is a strategy that aims to receive website traffic with the use of the social media channels. The goal of this marketing strategy is to provide content that would capture a response from your target audience and trigger them to share it through their social networks. It is widely used by so many companies and is considered to be an important marketing strategy.

Using social media marketing gives you a better chance to interact and build relationships with your potential clients in a more enjoyable and personalised level. Also, social networking will enable your clients to interact with each other which would help greatly in spreading the word out; and this is the outcome that you need from your social media campaign.

There are so many social networking sites available, but you just can’t have it all. Managing multiple networking sites can take so much of your time that is why it would be best if you just capitalise on the ones that really matters. When planning for your social media marketing campaign, make sure to keep in mind the networking sites that would give you the optimum outcome.

Here are the top five social networking sites gathered by Social Media for Your Business:






There are a lot of social media sites available, but you can start with these top five sites and see how it goes for you. However, you have to remember that it would not benefit you if you launch your social media marketing on these five sites all at once. It is better to take it one at a time and see which one gives you the maximum result.