If you have a website and you want to publish it for the world to experience, you need to get a website hosting service. Website hosting is an internet hosting service that enables you to make your website available via the World Wide Web. Your website files and codes are stored and kept in a website host and they translate it into texts and images on your website domain.

Once you have registered your domain name to your provider, you will then need a website hosting service for you to be able to launch your website into the internet. Normally, website domain providers also offer web hosting services. If possible, it is best to get both your domain and hosting services from one provider. There are companies who offer free website hosting services, but the downside is the limited features.

How your website looks over the internet may vary depending on the website hosting provider that you choose. Therefore, it would be best to try to research and find the company that holds a good track record when it comes to website hosting.