The Necessity of Having a Website with eCommerce Capabilities

According to a Nielsen Global Consumer Report conducted in 2010, statistics showed that Westerners spend a total 51 percent of their total monthly spending on online purchases. Easterners on the other hand allotted 41 percent of their total monthly spending on the same. These are staggering statistics. It is plain to see that eCommerce has truly changed the way the world works. The world of business has never been the same since the emergence of the internet. One cannot deny the convenience of making purchases online for consumers around. This is why it is crucial for your website to be equipped with eCommerce capabilities. Did you know that there are thousands of potential customers that are lost each day by countless websites because their eCommerce options were simply too difficult to use?

A beautiful customer experience on all devices.

With Emmix, you don’t have to be one of those websites. One thing about the digital world is that there a wealth of devices to choose from when it comes to browsing the internet. People use all types of platforms and gadgets from desktop computers to laptops to iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and Android tablets to access websites and do their shopping online. Regardless of what they choose to use, what is important is that your website is ready for it.

Super smooth functionality and usability.

Your website’s eCommerce capabilities need to be flawless and a breeze to use and navigate. Emmix makes this happen for you. From start to finish, we see the process through. Our eCommerce solutions ensure that the purchasing experience is as pleasant as possible for the user from the beginning to end. From product selection to checkout to product purchasing, we design and develop an eCommerce website from the perspective and preference of the consumer. We do our best to make your eCommerce website produce actual conversions.

Customer centric. They’ll love you for it.

Because we have completed this type of work for our clients many times before, we know what appeals to visitors no matter what background they have. At Emmix, we believe that simplicity, reliability and customer-oriented service are all key factors to achieving success. We help you get to where you want to go in a speedy fashion. We make your website appealing and impressive without losing its simplicity or ease of use. Through the years, we have learned to think the way consumers do and we make sure that your website is designed in a manner that tickles their fancy and keeps them on the page.

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