Fixed price projects

Working with our modular pricing plan, you can rely on fixed pricing for your clients’ web projects. So you can add your markup and be sure of the profit.

Perfected processes

Over the past decade we’ve been perfecting our web design and development process to make sure that everything is thought of, taken care of and done, so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Download the 7-step Emmix Method

Committed to innovation

We continuously spend hundreds of hours every month innovating and developing our unique web framework that allows us to build custom sites faster than ever, without heavy templates or clunky visual builders. Goodbye buggy websites and hello polished perfection!

Order online 24/7

Got the approval from your client? Don’t delay. Order online anytime and your project will be initialized instantly. Fill in the web brief and we’ll get started!

Fully managed

As your web production partner, your projects will be fully managed and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. Our Dashboard gives you live, up to date information about your job so you always know what’s going on.

Instant online quoting

When you need to get an urgent quote to your client, our web application gives you an instant, fixed price quote for what you need.

Guaranteed quality

No more hit and misses with random freelancers, local or foreign, or small businesses that can’t scale up with you. Save yourself the headache of spending hours trying to find the right freelancer, building up the right team and just hoping they do the job well and on time.

Same partner, same results, every time

As a long-term partner you will come to expect the same great service, website design and development expertise every time. Freelancer rates, big business reliability.

Project management templates

For every phase of the process we include a “what’s next” tip and give you our email templates! Copy, paste and send to your client. From project timelines to FAQs and best practice guides, we’re here to help.