There are several ways you can take payments on your website. The method that will suit you best depends on your needs – what you’re selling.

If you’re selling products, we recommend Emmix Ecommerce. This is a fully featured Ecommerce website which give you the ability to have 10, 50 or 500+ products for sale, categorised smartly and finished off with an easy-to-use purchase and checkout system. An example of a fully featured Emmix Ecommerce website is Think Outside.

If you’ve only got one or two products for sale, we can still use Emmix Ecommerce – we would just need to configure the design slightly differently. An example of this type of website would be Old Masters Young Guns.

If you’d like your clients to be able to pay your invoices online, on your website, you will need our Emmix InvoicePaid system. It gives your clients the ability to insert their Invoice Number / Reference Code, type in how much they would like to pay, and then submit their payment. Naturally, an example of this is our invoice payment system. Another example of this type of payment system is Vodafone’s bill payment system.

We’re here to help, though. We’ll discuss your needs, recommend the best fitting product and we can tailor it for your needs and specific scenario / requirements.