Responsive web design is the name given to the model of a website design that responds to the kind of device your website visitors use. This has been the current trend because of the growing popularity of mobile devices, especially smartphones. More and more people are viewing websites using their smartphones, which has a lot smaller screen.

As stated by Mashable, this is going to be the year of Responsive Website Design. This type of web design will give your website the versatility to function properly and can be browsed easily by your consumers in any device they use; devices like laptop, tablet, iPad, smartphones and the like.

Unlike the websites designed solely for mobile, a responsive web design gives your website the layout flexibility to recognise different types of screens. This is a more efficient way to make your website work in any device rather than creating a mobile version of your website.

Make sure your website is on in the current trend in online marketing. Get a responsive web design for your website and make it easier for your customers to access your website anytime, anywhere.