UXD and UED is another term for user experience design. The term is used to describe all the various aspects of the experience of a user in a website when it comes to graphics, industrial design, interface, the manual, and physical interaction. The user experience has four elements to consider: Visual Design, Information Structure, Interaction Design, Usability, and Human-Computer Interaction; and when these elements are integrated on your website, it can enhance the experience of a user.

Visual Design

     This design is also referred to as communication design, graphic design, or visual communication that symbolises how your website would look and feel to your users. The goal of visual design is to use images, colours, and symbols to deliver your message to your website visitors.

Information Structure

     It is the art of organising and constructing the data of your products or services, which would ultimately enhance the usability and the ability of your website to be easily found.

Interaction Design

     This is more of designing a system that would help your audience perform tasks on your website. This design basically enhances the experience of your audience on your website based on what your audience wants.


     This is a UXD element that aims to make your website easier to use and is something that is similar to the needs of your audience.

Human-Computer Interaction

     This a design that focuses more on the human use of computer systems. It makes interaction between the computer and your users easier.

Making your website user-friendly is important for any online marketing strategy. Integrating User Experience Design on your website will definitely make your website visitors appreciate your website even more, which can be very beneficial for your business. Implement the design on your website now.